Software Updater

Use this utility to update the software on your TrafficCOMputer.

    1) Go here to install the proper plugin. You may need to restart your web browser after installing.
    2) Get your TrafficCOMputer ready but don't yet connect it to your computer. Click on the 'Port Select' dropdown list below and take note of the options available.
    3) Connect the TrafficCOMputer to your computer's USB port and look at the 'Port Select' dropdown list again. The new option that appears in the list is your TrafficCOMputer. Choose it, the click 'USB Flash'.
    4) Wait until it says 'Upload Successful'. This should take 10-20 seconds. If there's an error, unplug/replug the TrafficCOMputer and try again.
    5) Once complete, go to the Uploader page, connect to the TrafficCOMputer, then click Reset Device to clear the memory. Power cycle the TrafficCOM before using.

Software Version 13
Port Select