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In the Tube

  • TrafficCOM Unit - Arduino® UNO, custom shield with sensor and LED display, plastic housing, and 25 foot long rubber air tube. Your device will come in one of five colors: Orange, Red, Blue, Green or Black.
  • Battery - 9V battery
  • USB Cable - USB cable for connecting the device to your computer
  • Carry Tube - The cardboard shipping tube doubles as a reusable carrier and storage tube.
  • Each TrafficCOM device comes fully assembled, tested, and pre-programmed and ready to use out of the box! It works with the TrafficCOM Data Uploader utility for extracting count data and posting online.


    At this time, the TrafficCOM Data Uploader only supports Mac computers running Firefox or Safari web browsers.

    Once you receive your unit, read the Setup page for useful info on how to use TrafficCOM.


    Doing traffic counts means working near or in streets with moving automobiles and/or bicycles. Users of the TrafficCOM system should be aware of their surroundings and be careful when doing traffic counts. TrafficCOM and its related parties are not liable for injuries or damages encountered by its users while they are using the device.